Ultimate Play The Game The Collected Works

Posted : Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ultimate Play The Game The Collected Works

Ultimate Play The Game started writing games for the ZX Spectrum in 1983.

1983 saw the release of JetPac, Pssst, Tranz Am, Cookie, Lunar Jetman and Atic Atac.

While 1984 and 1985 saw the release of Sabre Wulf, Underwurlde, Knight Lore, Alien 8, Nightshade and Gunfright.

In 1988 Ultimate release The Collected Works which contained 11 of the early games from 1983 to 1985.

In my opinion Ultimate released the most addictive games for the 8-bit home computer market during the early 80s. With the most addictive games I found to be JetPac and Tranz Am.

Four of the games was released on ROM cartridge that could be plugged into the ZX Interface 2. These games were JetPac, Pssst, Tranz Am and Cookie as these games were coded in under 16k which was the capacity for the ROM cartridges.

Retro 8-Bit Computer Collection from 1979 to 1986.

A short history of retro 8-bit computers spanning from 1979 with the Atari 400 through to 1986 and the ZX Spectrum 128.

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