• Catalogue No :
  • Original Price : £5.50
  • Developer : Ashby Computers and Graphics Ltd
  • Computer : ZX Spectrum
  • Number Of Players : 1
  • Genre : Arcade Adventure
  • Keyboard Controls : Yes
  • Joystick Control : Yes

Charlie the Chef, keeps all the ingredients locked away in the pantry, only letting them out when he wants to cook them!

Now this makes them jolly upset, let me tell you.

So! As soon as they can, the ingredients dash out of the pantry dragging all the sorts of nasties, found in the bottom of drawers and cupboards, with them, to escape, and run wild.

Poor old Charlie! he has to daze the ingredients with his flour bombs and knock them into the mixing bowl, because if they go into the dustbins they will be eaten by the bin monster, who doesn't care one little bit where he throws any of his rubbish.

Should any rubbish or nasties get into the cake mix then the 'ingredients needed' counter will change, and Charlie will have to work quicker and faster, if he's going to bake his cake.



LEFT Charlie will move left by using the 'Q' key.

RIGHT Charlie will move right by using the 'W' key.

DOWN Charlie will move down by using the 'E' key.

UP Charlie will move up by using the 'R' key.

FIRE Charlie will throw flour bags when the 'T' key is pressed.

PAUSE the game by using the CAP SHIFT key.


COOKIE can be controlled using either Kempston or Protek/ cursor controlled joysticks by selecting the correct mode.


All ULTIMATE PLAY THE GAME software products have a 3 year unconditional guarantee.If this tape ever fails to load it will be replaced totally free of charge if returned with details directly to ULTIMATE PLAY THE GAME at the address show. If the tape shows any form of physical damage please include £1.50 to cover replacement costs. This guarantee does not effect and is in addition to your statutory rights.


1. Connect the EAR socket on your Spectrum to the EAR socket on your recorder and ensure the MIC lead us disconnected.

2. Place the cassette tape in the recorder with the labelled side uppermost and rewind to the beginning.

3. Type either LOAD "COOKIE" or LOAD "" and then press the ENTER key.

4. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder.

5. COOKIE will now load automatically and a message will appear on the screen after several seconds.If loading is unsuccessful rewind the cassette, adjust the VOLUME control on the recorder and try again.

NOTE: Full loading instructions can be found in your Spectrum manual.

6. PLAY THE GAME. For better sound effects you can increase the volume by connecting the MIC socket on your recorder to the MIC socket on your Spectrum. Disconnect the EAR lead, remove the cassette tape from the recorder and press the PLAY button, the sound may be amplified through the loudspeaker of the recorder.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE -COOKIE copyright, ULTIMATE, PLAY THE GAME, Copyright Trace Name, 1983 Ashby Computer &Graphics Ltd.All rights reserved Worldwide.

The game and name COOKIE and all of its associated hardware, software, code, listings, audio effects, graphics, illustrations and text are the exclusive property and copyright of ASHBY COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS LTD.and may not be copied, transmitted, transferred, reproduced, hired, lent, distributed, stored or modified in any form, in full or in part without the express written permission of Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd.The Green, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE6 5JU, England.

All software, graphics and audio-visual by ULTIMATE, PLAY THE GAME. Trade Name of Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd.Made in England.


Superb graphics.

Flour Bags.

Bin Monster.

Continuous Fire.

High Score displayed.

Pause Button.

1 & 2 Player games.

Full 8 way movement.

On Screen Scoring.

Ingredient Count.



Mixing Bowl.

Crafty Cheese.

Chunky Chocolate.

Sneaky Sugar.

Colonel Custard.

Mixed Peel.

Arcade Standard Game.

Tin Tin Can.

Mike the Pike.

Bernie Bolt.

Terry Tack.

Wally Washer.

Super Games Tunes.

Keyboard Controls for Cookie

Controls Action
Q Left
W Right
E Down
R Up
T Fire
CAP Shift Pause

Cookie Downloads

Computer File Format Download Filename Action
ZX Spectrum TZX Cookie (1983).tzx Download

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