• Catalogue No :
  • Original Price : £5.50
  • Developer : Imagine
  • Computer : ZX Spectrum
  • Number Of Players : 1
  • Genre : Arcade Shoot Em Up
  • Keyboard Controls : Yes
  • Joystick Control : Yes

As you climb into your gleaming Ground Skimmer and slide behind the highly sophisticated flight computer, the feeling of excitement slowly turns to dread. Another mission is about to begin.

If your resolve begins to weaken, think of the thousands of refugees who will die if the enemy are allowed to carry out their policy of genocide.

Remember, you are flying the fastest most deadly machine yet devised by man. You punch the launch button and are slammed back into he seat as your Ground Skimmer hurtles into the air: your instructions are clear; seek out, engage and destroy the enemy.

Your fingers hover over the weapons console...another mission begins.

Keyboard Controls for Zzoom

Controls Action
Z, C, B, M, SPACE Right
A, D, G, J, L Down
Q, E, T, U, O Up
S, F, H, K, ENTER Fire Missiles
W, R, Y, I, P Fire Machine Guns


Year of Release : 1983

Original Price : £5.50

Publisher : Imagine

Developer : Imagine

Computers : ZX Spectrum

Genre : Arcade Shoot Em Up

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Zzoom Downloads

Computer File Format Download Filename Action
ZX Spectrum TAP Zzoom (1983).Tap Download
ZX Spectrum TZX Zzoom (1983).tzx Download

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