• Catalogue No :
  • Original Price : £5.95
  • Developer : Silversoft
  • Computer : ZX Spectrum
  • Number Of Players : 1
  • Genre : Arcade Action
  • Keyboard Controls : Yes
  • Joystick Control : No

Your mission is to patrol the planet surface, defending the humanoids from the alien marauders.

Your ORBITER spacecraft is equipped with the latest devastating weapons to assist you in your fight for survival.

Keyboard Controls for Orbiter

Controls Action
W Climb
S Reverse
X Dive
O Smart Bomb
K Thrust
M Fire Laser
Any key on top row Hyperspace


Year of Release : 1982

Original Price : £5.95

Publisher : Silversoft

Developer : Silversoft

Computers : ZX Spectrum

Genre : Arcade Action

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Orbiter Downloads

Computer File Format Download Filename Action
ZX Spectrum TAP ORBITER.TAP Download

Retro 8-Bit Computer Collection from 1979 to 1986.

A short history of retro 8-bit computers spanning from 1979 with the Atari 400 through to 1986 and the ZX Spectrum 128.

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