Molar Maul

  • Catalogue No :
  • Original Price : £5.50
  • Developer : Imagine
  • Computer : ZX Spectrum
  • Number Of Players : 1
  • Genre : Arcade Adventure
  • Keyboard Controls : Yes
  • Joystick Control : Yes

The following is on extract from The Report of The 25th Bi-annual Symposium on Dental Hygiene: THE DK MENACE

It has long been known that our teeth are under constant attack from a form of oral bacteria known as Dentorium Kamikazium: the DK. Little has been known about the life cycle of the DK but the recent research has revealed a startling fact. Bacteriologists believed that the DK's life span was limited because the mechanism by which it attacked teeth led to its own destruction (see 'The Kamikazi Effect', Shimoto 1973.) What Shimoto did not realise however was that the DK's destruction was not permanent. It is able to rejuvenate after each attack upon o tooth and thus, far from having a short life is in fact immortal! This discovery has led inevitably to o radical change in our attitudes to tooth decay.

No longer are we able to believe that decoy con be eradicated completely. The indestructibility of the DK means that we can only hope to reduce it by constant use of toothbrush and toothpaste. On a happier note, the research has led to the development of DKX 11. This chemical has the effect of interrupting the normal DK cycle, thereby forcing it to rejuvenate early. When introduced into toothpaste, DKX II1 can extend the life of a tooth by as much as 90%. Those are the facts. This is the challenge. You hove a limitless supply of Imagico toothpaste, (containing DKX 11) and three toothbrushes with which to prevent the DK's from destroying your teeth. One tube of Imagico provides 10 squirts with which to clean them and repel the DK's. Each time you succeed in using up a tube of Imagico you move on to the next and more dangerous bacteria level. But each time the DK's succeed in destroying 4 teeth, you lose one of your toothbrushes. Beware the appearance of various sweets; when the DK's eat them they become more powerful.Finally, remember: a toothbrush without toothpaste is useless.How long can YOU withstand the DK menace?


On the top left is recorded the current condition of your teeth: the DECAY LEVEL.This is reduced each time you clean a tooth but increased each time a DK attacks one. The condition of individual teeth is indicated by their colour, ranging from white(undecayed) to black (rotten.) Initially all the teeth are yellow, corresponding to a decay level of 1600.The green bar indicator on the top right tells you how much toothpaste is left in your current tube of Imagico. The bacteria level you have so far succeeded in reaching is shown on the bottom, on the left.The sweet corresponding to the current bacteria level is displayed on the bottom right.Initially, this is a Jelly Baby.After the first game has been completed, the best bacteria level achieved is permanently displayed across the bottom.

Keyboard Controls for Molar Maul

Controls Action
Z,C,B,M, SPACE Right
Any of the keys on the second row Down
Any of the keys on the third row Up
Any of the keys on the top row Scrub

Molar Maul

Year of Release : 1983

Original Price : £5.50

Publisher : Imagine

Developer : Imagine

Computers : ZX Spectrum

Genre : Arcade Adventure

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