Hungry Horace

  • Catalogue No :
  • Original Price : £5.95
  • Developer : Psion
  • Computer : Commodore 64 Dragon 32 ZX Spectrum
  • Number Of Players : 1
  • Genre : Arcade Maze
  • Keyboard Controls : Yes
  • Joystick Control : No

Hungry Horace was the first game in the Horace series and is a simplePac-Man style maze game.

Horace must gather food from around a maze and move onto the next section while avoiding guards.

Collecting the bells will prevent the guards from attacking Horace like the power pills in Pac-Man.

Keyboard Controls for Hungry Horace

Controls Action
Q Up
Z Down
I Left
P Right

Hungry Horace Game Map

Hungry Horace Game Map

Hungry Horace

Year of Release : 1982

Original Price : £5.95

Publisher : Sinclair Research Ltd

Developer : Psion

Computers : Commodore 64, Dragon 32 and ZX Spectrum

Genre : Arcade Maze

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Hungry Horace Downloads

Computer File Format Download Filename Action
Dragon 32 CAS HungryHorace.cas Download
ZX Spectrum TAP Hungry Horace (1982).Tap Download
ZX Spectrum TZX HungryHorace.tzx Download

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