Chuckie Egg

As Hen-House Harry, the player must collect the twelve eggs positioned in each level within a time limit.

In addition there are piles of seed which may be collected to increase points.

If the player touches a hen or falls through a gap in the bottom of the level, he loses a life.

Each level is made of solid platforms, ladders and occasionally lift platforms that constantly move upwards but upon leaving the top of the screen will reappear at the bottom.

Chuckie Egg Game Map

Chuckie Egg Game Map

Chuckie Egg

Year of Release : 1984

Original Price : £6.90

Publisher : A'n'F Software

Developer : A'n'F Software

Computers : Atari 400, Commodore 64, Dragon 32, Electron, HX-10 and ZX Spectrum

Genre : Arcade Platform

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Chuckie Egg Downloads

Computer File Format Download Filename Action
Commodore 64 D64 ChuckEgg.d64 Download
Dragon 32 CAS ChuckieEgg.cas Download
ZX Spectrum TAP Chuckie Egg (1983).Tap Download
ZX Spectrum TZX ChuckieEgg.tzx Download

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