Ah Diddums

  • Original Price : £5.50
  • Developer : Imagine
  • Computer : Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum
  • Number Of Players : 1
  • Genre : Arcade Adventure
  • Keyboard Controls : Yes
  • Joystick Control : No

You control a teddy bear trying to get back to it's nursery through 99 toy boxes (Levels). Using the keys, the idea of each level (Toy Box!) is to build a set of steps out of building blocks that are scattered about. There are nasties (the level indicating the number) that will shred ted if he makes contact with them. Weapons can be picked up and used to kill the nasties, however if they are all killed, an indestructible roving lump of plasticene will then hamper you. To temporarily pause the nasties, you can open the jack -in-the - box by touching it.

My Memories Playing Ah Diddums

Playing games on my ZX Spectrum meant that I had to hijack the family TV in the living room and set up my ZX Spectrum and load games by cassette.

Later, I managed to get a portable black and white TV in my bedroom which wasnt quite as good as playing on the family TV but had the benefit of allowing me to play anytime.

Keyboard Controls for Ah Diddums

Controls Action
Alternating keys on CAPS to SPACE row Left and Right
Alternating keys on Q to P row Up,Pickup or Drop
Alternating keys on A to ENTER row Down,Fire
Top row (1 to 0) Pause

Ah Diddums

Year of Release : 1983

Original Price : £5.50

Publisher : Imagine

Developer : Imagine

Computers : Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum

Genre : Arcade Adventure

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